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Winter Solstice Morning Yoga

Come join us for Morning Yoga to celebrate Winter Solstice & Holiday Season- Beer and Yoga Event
Join us for this magical morning class honoring both the holiday season and the winter solstice. Soft, perfectly paced flows and enchanting music will open your heart and set the tone for the festive season ahead. Find joy and peace in the warm glow of candle light.

Special Christmas Class $15 = A Beer + A Yoga Class
Plus Soup & Treats afterwards and Christmas Raffle!!
BYOM- Bring Your Own Mat
We will begin at 10:30 am.....Please RSVP and arrive early to set up.... Bring a friend!!
Sign up Early space will be limited!!

Workshops and Special Classes

"Subtle Yoga" Inspired Workshop Series

“Get Ready for the Holidays"
 Subtle Yoga Inspired Workshop
With Carla Niblick 500 RYT

Saturdays -  November 2, 9, and 16  10:30 am -12:00 pm

$15  per class

This year before the holidays arrive, take some time for yourself by slowing down for this mindful, nourishing experience.  Feel ready and rested as one season melts into the next.  

“Subtle Yoga Inspired” classes  are adaptable and available to most students.  The movements are soothing, rhythmic and gently led by the breath.  They benefit the body in ways that can positively affect the nervous system and allow benefits such as improved sleep, increased self-regulation and enhanced sense of well-being.  Studies have shown that yoga such as “Subtle Yoga Inspired” yoga can improve brain functions and memory skills and may reduce the stress response.  In addition, students may be aided in initiating the relaxation response, or the ability to “rest and digest”.  Subtle Inspired Yoga may also improve flexibility, balance and the efficiency of systems of the body.

Floating Chakra Meditation

Join Tanner for this 7 week series (no you don't have to attend them all)


With Tanner you will “float” weightlessly in an aerial hammock, releasing mental and physical stress from the week. Space is limited; advanced sign up required. Floating is a multi-sensory meditation practiced in a hammock. Deep relaxation is known to reduce blood pressure, stress and improve sleep. You will be guided through the practice, using techniques that take you into almost a “dream like” state, while still fully awake. There is very limited physical movement in this class.


Every Sun Nov 3 thru Dec 15


6:30-7 pm

Cost $5 each week

Low Floating Yoga Nidra

This peaceful lower to the ground Yoga silks combine elements of Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Aerial Yoga for a unique relaxing experience, followed by a deep yogic sleep for complete relaxation. 

Last Saturday of the month


Cost $5 drop in rate

Functional Yoga Workshop

with Susan Shappie 200 RYT
Saturday, December 7th
10:30 am - 12:30 pm
Cost  $20


In this workshop you will experience functional yoga and how you will be able to improve alignment, strength, posture and reduce pain. If you have neck, shoulder, hip or limbs pain or a limited range of motion, you may have a chance to experience Susan's on-site adjustment, or simple witness an immediate improvement. You will learn ways to enjoy yoga practice and what it can do for your life. Regardless what level of yogis you are, come and join us, it will be an eye opening experience.

Susan Shappie is a knowledgeable Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance® 200-hour +20 hours Arial yoga certified Teacher, 300+ hours training in Functional Yoga and 50 hours Pre-pregnancy, Prenatal & Postnatal Functional Yoga Personal Instructor Training, 32hour MYPT (My Yoga Personal Trainer) training and 300+ hours under private training. She is holding Engineer,international Economics & IT, and Master in Business Administration degree. Previously work as Engineer, project manager and Director of Asian Operation, she apply her professional analytic and problem solving skill in studying human body and yoga. She strives to help different levels of yogis feel comfortable in their practice, learn essential postures, and ensure a comfortable safe practice for everyone; Combining the principles of functional movements with yoga, aimed to provide yogis with clear alignment instruction, comforting hands-on adjustments and an inviting yoga practice to restore body functions.