When looking to register for a class, the number of spaces left are ones that 

CAN BE signed up  for before the class is full. So if there are zero left, the class is full. 

If there are 14 available in a class of 14, no one is signed up for the class.

We hope this clears up any confusion.

Registration Tips:


  1. Class Fees: Drop in classes can be paid online or at the studio. *Packages of classes can ONLY be purchased at the studio.

  2. Workshops and Special Events can be paid online.

  3. Canceling classes can ONLY be done through the confirmation e-mail you receive. (Please keep all confirmations so you may cancel future classes, if needed)

  4. Be sure to sign up for Hot Yoga Classes  at least 3 hours before class. If there is not enough students for a class, we will not be heating the room.

  5. Please sign up for all classes 1 hr in advance so teachers know they have enough for class or it will say "overdue".  If spaces are available you may still attend. Unless class is cancelled. Thank You.