All Lake Yoga classes are located at the Amphitheater on Lake Shore Drive. Parking is available in parking lots on Lake Shore Drive or off Warren Street.

Classes are offered Monday thru Saturday at various times,

see the Calendar page for more information and to register.


Classes are for beginner to intermediate

Please bring your own mat, beach towel, block and strap, if needed.

Don't forget a water bottle, too.

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A Life of Balance

Where we help individuals achieve better health and wellness through proper training, nutrition and mind/body classes.

  • Balance your mind, shape your body, and lift your spirits with Yoga classes.

  • Get a relaxing & rejuvenating experience away from the hectic world.

  • Reshape and tone your entire body to look longer and leaner by using simple-yet-effective techniques with Pilates.

  • Challenge your body by increasing the strength of your core and limbs through our fun Stability Ball & Resistance Band classes.

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Our Instructors

Our instructors teach a variety of styles of Yoga. They are looking forward to meeting you and sharing their experience with you.

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Dr James Sauer

Chiropractic and Nutrition


Clayton Burnett

Thai Yoga Massge & 200 RYT

Yogi Essentials

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