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Moving back into the studio
means more classes!!

Class Offerings

Classes for EVERYONE

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A Life of Balance

Where we help individuals achieve better health and wellness through proper training, nutrition and mind/body classes.

  • Balance your mind, shape your body, and lift your spirits with Yoga classes.

  • Get a relaxing & rejuvenating experience away from the hectic world.

  • Reshape and tone your entire body to look longer and leaner by using simple-yet-effective techniques with Pilates.

  • Challenge your body by increasing the strength of your core and limbs through our fun Stability Ball & Resistance Band classes.

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Our Instructors

Our instructors teach a variety of styles of Yoga. They are looking forward to meeting you and sharing their experience with you.

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Clayton Burnett

Thai Yoga Massge & 200 RYT

Yogi Essentials

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