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  • Studio Etiquette and Basic Information
    Always arrive quietly to your class 5-15 minutes before class time. It is very disruptive for other student to have people arriving late. Quiet upon entering the studio. Many people come to class a few minutes early to de-stress from the day and prepare for their practice. Bustling about, chatting and loud noises disrupt this calm setting. Those who need the quiet time thank you in advance. ​ When you arrive at the studio, be mindful that another class may be in session. Speaking in a quiet voice will assist in keeping a calm and serene environment. If you have to leave early, please do so quietly and save conversation with friends until you get inside the Studio Practice Space. Footwear is left at the door. Going barefoot will give you the grip you need for certain poses and allows you to feel more relaxed at the same time. Bring socks if you get cold feet. Come to class clean and free of perfumes. The room can become quite warm and strong scents can be distracting to other students. If you have strong body odor, please consider the use of unscented deodorant. Please do not chew gum during your practice. The chewing disrupts a quiet mind, distracts others, as well as, being a choking hazard. Please turn off all pagers and cellphones. If at all possible, leave them in your car. Come to class with an empty stomach. Many poses affect the digestive system and having food in the stomach can result in nausea, vomiting or abdominal discomfort. Inform your teacher about any injuries, recent surgeries, health problems or changes (such as pregnancy) before class begins. Modifications can be used to assist your practice safely.
  • How do I register for classes? How do I cancel a class? How do I pay? And other registration questions…
    HOW DO I RESERVE MY SPACE FOR CLASSES ONLINE? When browsing the studio schedule, move cursor over the class you want to attend, click on it, then click the “Reserve” button and you will be prompted to sign in. Please add your Name, Email, and phone # (In case we need to reach you.) You have the option to register for more than just yourself. You may also check “Remember my details” for quicker registration of your next class. DO I NEED TO PRE-REGISTER ONLINE TO ATTEND CLASS? No, pre-registration is encouraged, not required. Walk-ins are always welcome but may be subject to availability. That means that if you are a walk-in and all the spots have pre-registered, you may not have a spot. HOW FAR IN ADVANCE CAN I PRE-REGISTER FOR A CLASS? You may reserve your space for a class, weeks in advance. As soon as it is listed on the calendar, a class or event is open for registration. Early registration guarantees you a spot. HOW DO I CANCEL A CLASS I RESERVED ONLINE? You may cancel your reserved class by an email you will receive. HOW FAR IN ADVANCE DO I NEED TO CANCEL? You can cancel up to 3 hours prior to class start time. The sooner the better, so that someone else can get that spot. ​ IS THERE A WAIT LIST? There is no online waiting list at this time, if the class is at full capacity. Although, if you want to placed on a waiting list please send a text to 419-733-3066. When space becomes available, you will be notified via text. WHEN DOES ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR A CLASS END? Online registration ends at class start times and/or if the class is at full capacity. I DO NOT SEE A “RESERVE” OPTION FOR MY CLASS. The class may have already begun, is at capacity, or unavailable for online pre-registration. Classes that are not available for pre-registration are marked as "Donation Based" in the class title and class description. Please contact the studio to inquire about a specific class. WHAT ARE THE PENALTIES IF I FAIL TO CANCEL OR SHOW UP FOR MY CLASS? We encourage students to responsibly cancel classes when appropriate to make spots available and to be considerate to other students. There are currently no penalties if you fail to cancel or show up for a reserved class. However, we reserve the right to change this at a later date. Exception: Workshops and Special Events - These are to be paid in advance (Refunds are on a individual basis, based on extenuating circumstances.) ​ IF A CLASS IS FULLY BOOKED ONLINE, HOW LONG BEFORE RESERVED SPACES BECOME AVAILABLE FOR WALK-INS? Reserved students must check in 5-10 minutes prior to class start time or risk losing their space. HOW DO I CHECK IN WHEN I ARRIVE AT THE STUDIO? Reserved students must check in 5-10 minutes prior to class start time or risk losing their space. THIS IS MY FIRST TIME AT WELLNESS TO THE CORE, HOW DO I SIGN UP FOR A CLASS? If this is your first time at WELLNESS TO THE CORE and you have not taken a yoga class before, we encourage you to speak with our Yoga instructors first, so that they may recommend a class that will best meet your goals. WILL I BE ABLE TO SIGN UP FOR CLASSES IF I HAVE NOT PURCHASED A CLASS PACKAGE AT WELLNESS TO THE CORE? Yes, there are three options for paying. You can have class package (see the class fees page), or pay for a class online (non-refundable), or pay at the door to reserve classes online.
  • What do I wear? What do I bring? What else do I need to know?
    Clothing Be sure to wear comfortable clothing so you can move and breathe with ease. Wear clothing that will make it easier to stretch your muscles. It should be tight-fitting, but comfortable, like dancewear, yoga pants or a pair of shorts and a T-shirt or tank top is fine. Wear tops that can be tucked in so that your shirt will not float over your head. Yoga is done without shoes or socks. If your feet get cold, you may use socks that have grippy bottoms. If you have long hair, tie it back or it will fall in your face and obstruct your vision and may disturb your concentration. Supplies We highly recommend that any yoga practitioner, including beginners, have their own yoga mat. Your yoga mat not only provides a warm padding and a clean surface between you and the floor, it also allows you to practice without slipping and sliding. Yoga mats may be purchased at our Core Store. If you are new to yoga, we have some yoga mats available for use or if you would like, you could bring a towel. Additionally, you may want to bring a lightweight blanket for meditation and water to bring after class. NOTE: for hot yoga classes - you DEFINITELY want to have a water to rehydrate. Eating Yoga is best enjoyed on an empty stomach, so eat lightly or not at all before class. In some classes we will be bending and twisting, so you might be uncomfortable with food in your tummy. Arrival Always arrive quietly to your class 5-15 minutes before class time. This will give you time to remove your shoes and socks and get your spot set up so that class can start on time. ​ It is very disruptive for other students to have people arriving late. Cell phones *** PLEASE SILENCE (Airplane mode) PHONES*** (or leave them in your vehicle). It is very disruptive to have them make sounds or vibrations, especially during Savasana.
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