LAKE YOGA ® Season is here…

Grand Lake - Celina

At the Harley C. Jones Amphitheater - Bryson Park

Come join us at the Amphitheater Zen Stairs

Beginner to Advanced students welcome
(Or stay under the Amphitheater Pavilion for days that are too hot & sunny or rain showers)

*Donation based LAKE YOGA ® ​

Or purchase a package of classes or Unlimited class pass - (Speak to a teacher for more info.)


Bring your children- let them play at the park- (if they are old enough to be unsupervised) while you enjoy a Core or Yoga class/practice.

*Reminder if you are running a little late-  That's ok - There are no doors to enter.... so just lay your mat down quietly and begin practicing with us.

Or if you need to leave a little early, that’s ok also, just let the teacher know in advance that you need to sneak out before the end of class. 

PLEASE READ: Online registration must be a MINIMUM of 3 hours BEFORE class starts is REQUIRED especially if no one else is registered.  If no one or not enough students are registered for a classes then at the discretion of the teacher a class may be cancelled.

*To ensure that you get a text  notification be sure to register in advance, in cause of last minute cancellations due to weather or other circumstances. Thank you!

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Our instructors teach a variety of styles of Yoga. They are looking forward to meeting you and sharing their experience with you.

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